Where again’s the nexus (energy-water) road map gone?

In search of answers to “where the hell is that Roadmap Report?” questions to the Sandia Lab team, in search of the reasons for the 22 requested re-writes of the fore-stalled E-W nexus process for the National Energy-Water Roadmap initiated in 2005, as requested in Congressional appropriations in FY 2005. The purpose of the Road-map is to “assess the effectiveness of existing programs within the Department of Energy and other Federal agencies (for) addressing energy and water related issues, and to assist the DOE in defining the direction of research, development, demonstration, and commercialization efforts to insure that:

Energy-related issues associated with providing adequate water supplies, optimal management and efficient use of water, and water-related issues associated with providing adequate supplies, optimal management and efficient use of energy. (These issues need) to be adequately and efficiently addressed in the future. “We need to come up with strategies so we have a sustainable future. As it is now in the United States, water is managed by the water group and energy is managed by energy companies. We’ve got to look at the energy infrastructure and the water infrastructure together.

“That’s what we’ve identified as a need in the Road Map report. Hopefully we’ve done something good for the country. Although we’re in trouble with the DOE.”……-Circle Blue magazine / Michael Hightower, Water for Energy Project Lead Sandia National Laboratories