The Community Tables Spring Board of Directors meeting will commence this evening at Brackett Park, Minneapolis tonight, Wednesday April 4th. Seed ordering for for CTC farmers is currently available. Community Table will be joined by RRPI and Northside kids (through the summer horticultural program at the Mid-Town Global Markert (MGM)Indoor […]

Community Table Cooperative (CTC)

Fri 5/27/11 Regionally, urban agriculture leadership entities will join the IATP and Ladonna Redmond at the Breakfast Table in the 3rd of a series of national discussions with global impacts. Speaking of ‘Chicago Don’t Play’, the two hottest topics at Chicago’s Green Force Initiative summit were…(bell) green manufacturing and urban […]

Chicagoland Greenforce Initiative Meeting: HOT!

Minnesota Aquaculture and Renewable Energy Agricultural Cooperative (MAREAC). A self-organized network of people with common sustainable agriculture and sustainable, renewable energy agenda, causes and interests, who collaborate by sharing ideas, information, and other resources. MAREAC supports its communities with additional participation in online and frequent website discussions on topics of […]

Energy Term of the Day (MAREAC)