RRPI – Teaching Management System (TMS)

The Renewables Research and Policy Institute announces its most recent engineering product launch: RRPI – Education and Training. RRPI – Education and Training (SCORM and ISO Compliant) is fully customizable Teaching Management System (TMS) designed through Moodle™ specifically for RRPI’s EERE course administrators, instructors, and students to help manage scheduling, payment, and booking of instructor led classroom /online learning sessions from any internet browser.

The RRPI – Education and Training Program logs, manages, and coordinates instructor schedules, course catalogs, pricing, scheduling, enrollment and resources. It alerts administrators about important occurrences related to successfully performance within the education program akin to a university-sized campus.

Moodle’s™ e-commerce feature makes it easy for students to purchase courses from anywhere on the internet. Instructors, faculty and students also have full interactivity through an email server. This system informs instructors on how many students are signed up for their classes, whom their students are as well as their performance metrics. All important information about students and classes are catalogued and referenced through relational databases.

By using Moodle™, RRPI members are presented with a state of the art centralized TMS accessible anywhere on the web. This saves administrators, instructors, and students-time, hassle, and money.

RRPI facilitator trainees for the transition of RRPI’s Education and Training to a new innovative research based program. This learning program is designed to present fully digital delivery mode (and digital text. RRPI will assess RETScreen for it’s flexibility for various audiences within Minnesota’s Green jobs preparatory eduction population. The soon to be facilitators will undertake/obtain advanced training on the various RETScreen modules, and facilitate networking within the 290,000+ RETScreen user community at the RET Screen Annual conference At the Otiabank Convention Centre Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada from June 20 -22, 2011.

There’s expectation for training of two or three facilitators to enable renewable energy design training for Minnesota residents