Renewable Energy Future for the Developing World

This White Paper presents a rationale for appropriate and effective governmental policies on renewable energies in the developing world. It also provides adequate scientific information to make rational and accountable energy policy choices within this context, in support of sustainable development. While fully acknowledging the substantial barriers restraining the developing world, the paper also highlights the momentous and unique window of opportunity, as well as the concomitant grave responsibility this places on the shoulders of present energy policy decision-makers. A potential role of the industrialized nations in our common future indicated. The paper endorses the thesis of the earlier White Paper titled“Transitioning to a Renewable Energy Future”, stating that “a worldwide effort to generate the renewable energy transition
must emerge at the top of national and international political agencies, starting now”.

A Summary of Policies is presented, followed by Renewable Energy Defined: Energy from the Sun describing that essentially all energy derives from the sun, including the fossil fuels that have been the base of a short-lived and energy-flagrant period in our history.
The Aim, Scope and De-limitations sets the definitions and context of the developing world in the global village, which is illustrated by the worldwide reaction to the Tsunami catastrophe of December 2004. Our common future has not reached that level of newsworthiness – yet.

The Introduction – The Developing World in the Global Energy Transition explains that developing nations have underdeveloped energy infrastructures, but need not follow the western pattern of centralized power stations with extensive, costly and vulnerable networks. While the developing world has uneven fossil resources, it is blessed with more evenly distributed underdeveloped (and largely unmapped) renewable energy
sources. This offers a unique opportunity of technological leapfrogging, using the Kyoto Protocol’s Clean Development Mechanism where advanced and technical know-how and resources of the industrialized nations can facilitate the growth of domestic work opportunities, thereby helping to achieve sustainable development and the millennium goals for the developing Nations…..

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