Sweet Updates

Dear Urban Farm Legionnaires-
To date we-Michael Chaney, Jack Jackman and Ezra Blair have plowed and tilled four garden sites.

    Bev Stancil- 25th and Emerson


    Robert Woods-1515 Fremont


    Zion Baptist-We Win


    1415 Oliver-The Chaney Group

The plow, tractor, cultivator was the courtesy of Lawford Baxter.(CUt Food’s Express
The pickup and trailer to haul it was a friend of Jack Jackman, Rick Haag

Roto-tilling of the lots began Friday 5/20/2011

Robert Woods and Ishmael Israel has been working through the insurance logistical steps required by the city and Richard Copeland who has the site control of the two acre plot on Humboldt and other administrative and management tasks.

A special shout out to Seitu Jones who is conducting soil samples on the lot at Zion Baptist and the Humboldt site.

The Green Room at North High is in full effect thanks to Nardal Straud (instructor) and RRPI education and Training. The plants are ready to spread their wings and fly away. North Minneapolis here they come-ready or not. The North High’s – Sweetiepie extension plot on 1312 15th Av as well as the CSA plot was planted. Community youth, adults and North High students showed up in full force Sat 21st May for a half day of planting – rain delayed. (Pictures). Other than a few loose shingles on the shed and tree related debris, the plot fair’ed well through the weather disaster of May 22nd. The damage will be repaired as a part of the rain harvest design.

A grant proposal for Rain Water Harvesting (RWH) is being prepared by RRPI and Rebuilding Together – Twin Cities. RRPI was on site Sat 5/21 obtaining dimensions and tolerances for the RWH and the adjoining rain garden system’s design by RRPI engineering. ICON builders will be in charge of the construction details.

Special thanks to Jon Mcglory, Matthew Mcglory, James Everett, Bunmi Odumuye, Bev Stancile, Linda Benford for their willingness to get their hands dirty for the betterment of the community, our youth, on Project Sweetie Pie.

Ariah Fine continues to work on media and documentation of the process

Once again Beverly Propes, Lea Hargett, Cheryl Morgan Spencer, Titilayo Bediako walk the walk and talk the talk-thank you for your vision and steadfast dedication to our community

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