“PROJECT SWEETIE PIE” – Sponsorship Package

“Project Sweetie Pie” is an initiative to build healthy neighborhoods by controlling the Food Distribution System. “Project Sweetie Pie” is a small part of a worldwide movement to build sustainable and resilient communities. Simply put, we build urban areas into safe productive places to live where neighborhood residents have active opportunities to assist in the feeding of their families. “Project Sweetie Pie” achieves its goals by cultivating urban farms in North Minneapolis on unused privately owned and/or blighted city lots into flourishing, healthy food Systems. Youth and their families participate in the planting, maintenance, harvesting, and marketing of the produce grown.

Cultivate Urban Farms

“Project Sweetie Pie” has identified land to develop into Urban Farms. “Project Sweetie Pie” has securedcommitments from the owners of 8 urban plots, including a 2- acre site just off downtown. The “Sweetie Pie” lots are located along the commercial corridors of North Minneapolis. Several of the lots have been garden sites in the past and make an easytransition to an urban farm.

Educate Kids

The education and employment of youth is a major priority of ‘Project Sweetie Pie”. “Project Sweetie Pie” is working with schools, churches, youth development organizations, and the University of Minnesota to provide accredited curriculum and service learning oportunities in horticulture, urban farming, and entrepreneurship. Through it’s partners and The City of Minneapolis Step–Up Program “Project Sweetie Pie” has secured 7 paid youth assistants. We anticipate 100-150 youth, family members, neighbors, mentors, and educators to be involved in the project.

It All Makes Cents

“Project Sweetie Pie” is growing the nexr generation of business and comminity leaders. All produce harvested is headed to the market place. Won’t you join our young entrepreneurs as they celebrate the fruits of their labor?

Project Needs and Expenses:

•              Compost               •              Gardening tools and equipment

•              Plants     •              Transportation/gasoline

•              Seeds      •              Liability insurance

•              Project Coordinator Salary                •              Youth Stipends

•           Youth Coordinator Salary

Business Sponsorship Opportunities:

•              1/2 acre Farm       $500.00                             .

•              General  $100.00

Sincerely yours,

Michael Chaney

For more information, please contact:

Michael Chaney


Tel: (pager) 612-534-6403

Robert Woods


Tel: 612-226-2857.

Where once sat urban blight –                                                                                        now sits luscious garden sites.

“Project Sweetie Pie” (How Sweet it is)

“There is nothing like “getting down with the dirt” to really melt away the stress of a busy day. Gardening is a cleansing and therapeutic way to spend your time, it enables us to get in touch with nature, and it’s no wonder that it is one of the most popular leisure activities that people list in their resumes and on questionnaires. I have a doctor friend who advises his patients to run barefoot on the beach to unwind and let stresses melt away, I find that gardening and greenhouse gardening does the same thing for me! ”

– Julia Mahler; a successful and talented freelance writer providing advice for gardeners and consumers

Sweetiepie; right on time with the Farmers Almanac