Energy-Water Nexus II

Agricultural industrialization and manufacturing have long been the focus of conservation methodologies for water and energy albeit from from differing approaches. Global population estimates predict 10 million of us will be in the crux of the grand nexus of energy-food-water-climate by the year 2050 (Foodie and Everyman‘s article though insightful […]

SunShot Rooftop Challenge Awardees

Sunshot; the DOE’s effort to reduce costs for solar announced a total funding of $12MM for chosen participants. For the Minnesota population of 600,000 the $263,169 was allotted to the Department of Commerce’s Division of Energy Resources. “Through this competition, the Energy Department is helping to unleash America’s solar potential […]

Hennepin’s not bad at all!

Actively working, through well versed leadership in the Department of Environmental Services (Carl Michaud & Co.), Hennepin county once again steps up to one of the biggest metro county challenges in the nation. The continuous state of resource dearth leaves numerous large counties, especially those with larger metros, at a […]

Henn Co will get better.

Green Fuel’s sustainability in the face of imminent politricking

Green Fuel’s sustainability in the face of imminent politricking RENEWABLES 1603 SUBSITUTE CREDITS FOR 3307 INSTRUCTORS Reps. Dave Reichert, R-Wash. Earl Blumenauer, D-Ore., Registration for program is due no later than December 31st 2011, final project due December 31st 2016. Textbooks are available online through USGPO excerpted here – “IN […]

Still Dirty!!!

“……………………..and yet China’s impressive, frequently astonishing growth is powered almost exclusively by non-renewable fossil fuels. A note in the brochure for the Xi’An National Civil Aerospace industrial Base says it plans “to build 6 high-temperature coal-fired boilers with total heating supply of 696 MW.” (That’s enough to power about 70,000 […]


Minnesota. A notoriety to be proud of.

CLICK IMAGE! Hah Minnesota’s no where to be found on the list of states afflicted by these fella’s….lol. Good ol’ hometown! ” The Economic Policy Institute (just) released this year’s report on unemployment in the U.S., which shows that the gap between white and black unemployment in the Twin Cities […]




SUMMER 2012 AUGUST 22ND 2012 RRPI/ Sweetiepie Aquaponics introduction to staff & students of Metro Academy and Wiese, North Minneapolis, Minnesota APRIL 14TH 2012 SPRING 2012 Spring 2012 starts pretty strong with Project Sweetie Pie (PSP) Garden Build Event to be hosted at PSP’s “PROJECT SWEETIE PIE” – Sponsorship Package […]

Chicagoland Greenforce Initiative Meeting: HOT!

Fri 5/27/11 Regionally, urban agriculture leadership entities will join the IATP and Ladonna Redmond at the Breakfast Table in the 3rd of a series of national discussions with global impacts. Speaking of ‘Chicago Don’t Play’, the two hottest topics at Chicago’s Green Force Initiative summit were…(bell) green manufacturing and urban […]

Alternative Fuels for Military Applications

May 2011. The House Armed Service Committee’s National Defense Authorization Act, H.R. 1540 intends a reversal for bio-fuels (green fuels) role in the energy mix for defense. Section 844 of the bill purports military use of new er fossil fuels that produce more pollution than conventional fuels. The House plans […]

Gregory N. Juday/US Navy, via Associated Press  The Navy has been leading the foray into advanced algae-based fuels. The Riverine Command Boat (Experimental) is run on a blend of algae-based and marine fuels.

Energy- Water Nexus

The Renewables Research and Policy Institute is very aware of its portmanteau of high capacity intelligence, lean architecture, regional, national and international exposure. The implications that this essential mix brings to bear are its innovative and strategic pace setting. The downside is sometimes it takes a while for lumbering legacy […]

RRPI – Teaching Management System (TMS)

RRPI – Education and Training (SCORM and ISO Compliant) is fully customizable Teaching Management System (TMS) designed through Moodle™ specifically for RRPI’s EERE courses

Energy business term(s) of the day

Basic Facilities Charge A monthly charge based on costs associated with such things as metering, meter reading, billing, etc. exclusive of demand or energy consumption Load Factor The ratio of the average load in kilowatts supplied during a designated period to the peak or maximum load in kilowatts occurring in […]

Crisis in the middle of crisis

The Renewables Research and Policy Institute LLC can ill afford to be categorized as one of the unscrupulous employer types that refuse to hire from the un-employment pool;good business. When Sony Ericsson needed new workers after it relocated its U.S. headquarters to Atlanta last year, its recruiters told one particular […]

RRPI; Hearts & Minds with our Community Through Trying Times

RRPI employees, members and associates extend there warmest condolences to those with losses from the weather driven mayhem of 5/22/2011 both at home in North Minneapolis (where we can extend help) and Joplin Missouri (where we will send assistance) I addition to the U of Mn-UROC additional assistance for Minneapolis […]

Energy Term of the Day (MAREAC)

Minnesota Aquaculture and Renewable Energy Agricultural Cooperative (MAREAC). A self-organized network of people with common sustainable agriculture and sustainable, renewable energy agenda, causes and interests, who collaborate by sharing ideas, information, and other resources. MAREAC supports its communities with additional participation in online and frequent website discussions on topics of […]


Strawbale Urban Farming?

The Watershed Environment? First thing you have to remember is you’ll be weeding straw from your lawn and Garden for ever…i.e. kiss the past hard work on the lawn bye-bye unless that’s taken care of in prep. Prep (conditioning) needs to be finished by May’s end. Get wheat straw bales […]