North High School; Aquasol (Courtyard: Model and Full)

The following are pictures of the miniature (model) NHS central courtyard (one full scale planter for comparison)and its plant elements.RRPI took a Fall/Early Summer project office due to space considerations for the modeling. The model was built in the backyard spaceThis pepper initiated its life in the NHS hydroponics lab. It subsequently regenerated in a NHS-RRPI first generation aquaponics equipment. Its third regeneration, in preparation for motherhood (cloning) for the AquaSol, is shown outdoors in the model/seedling plot at RRPI’s 2012 summer project officeSweet Bell13 year old Marley Senna aka Lele; avid third generationCapoeirista and seasoned gardener (2 years youth farm, 1st year Aquasol) Pasta of basil (sweet, lemon and pesto breeds all intrinsic) with a sweet set of tomato variety. Doled out to our elderly citizenry, this delectable NHS AquaSol derived feast was prepared by RRPI environmental and intern and Aquasol art director. Anna Lucia Vasquez is also in the process of prepping potters for fall planting and painting. The Arts and Communication NHS has arrived (Lucy is a College Biology student and exceptional art illustrator utilising various media)Good old seedlings initiating in the test plot in lieu of indoor AquaSol propagationVEGS