Minnesota. A notoriety to be proud of.

CLICK IMAGE! Hah Minnesota’s no where to be found on the list of states afflicted by these fella’s….lol.

Good ol’ hometown!

” The Economic Policy Institute (just) released this year’s report on unemployment in the U.S., which shows that the gap between white and black unemployment in the Twin Cities increased last year. Even though HIRE Minnesota brought public attention to the fact that the Twin Cities had the worst employment disparities in black-white employment in the nation in 2009, in 2010 the disparity got even worse! The black unemployment rate in our region is now 3.6 times as high as the white unemployment rate.

We need to do more. HIRE Minnesota is committed to ending racial disparities in Minnesota, and we continue to fight for a fair share of jobs on infrastructure projects in this state. But it’s also time to think about broadening our work. We’re looking for your input to find out what you want to accomplish and what new opportunities you see for ending racial employment disparities ”

—- HIREMinnesota. Call to Action October 11th 2011.

….US census!!

Minn Post rep of US census info.