Hennepin’s not bad at all!

Actively working, through well versed leadership in the Department of Environmental Services (Carl Michaud & Co.), Hennepin county once again steps up to one of the biggest metro county challenges in the nation.

The continuous state of resource dearth leaves numerous large counties, especially those with larger metros, at a loss when their favelas are the point of view. The situation over north Minneapolis was further compounded naturally in the wake of the devastating tornado May 23, 2011. The state’s legislature,though initially gashing this fund (as many other sources were similarly gashed or slashed), enabled lottery funds to be re-inserted and re-directed.

Hennepin county will approach their north Mpls. situation utilising various urban gardening lessons garnered in short but quick time. For (infra)structural integrity it will psuedo-partner with grantees of LCCMR funded Experiential Environmental education for urban Youth – Grants and Teacher Academy bringing to bear its robust structure longer time experience.

RRPI along with other north partners anticipate this and future related initiatives in the North West and other sections of Hennepin Co. will extract a giant mouthful from the abysmal, inequitable record indicated on the US census data plot above.

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