Global Forum on Sustainable Development

A Minneapolis Energy (Descent) Transition Plan?

………..on the heels of the Global Forum on Sustainable Development held 10-11 April in Jeju, South Korea and the opening address of the ICLEI Korea Office Director Chin Dae-Shik in which he stated that “now is the very opportune time for the humanity to return the planet to a recover[y] and sound state to secure [the] humanity’s happiness through mobilization of all [the] wit and wisdom[s]”.
The GFSD assembles experts, business and civic leadership to discuss strategic implementation of sustainable development options. RRPI is pleased to be representing in this forum

With the creation (in 1990) of ICLEI after a convention at the UN in NY. NY. Minneapolis became an ICLEI member, and signed on to their World Cities Global Warming studies in June 1993. The Center for Energy And the Urban Environment CEUE, prior The Minneapolis Energy Office hosted this ICLEI/UN study in Minneapolis. Participation in this project has been an essential instrument in catapulting the city to sustainability leadership in the USA. CEUE (now the Center for Energy and Environment – CEE) still provides leadership with it services for energy and sustainability i.e. the organization is the Twin cities leading energy efficiency programmer

Needless to say, an Energy Transition Plan for the city fits well with of Minneapolis’ membership in *ICLEI and its sustainability goals within the state and federal collective efforts towards Climate Change sustainability and mitigation (as well as required sustenance in the face of CC flux).

Quoting Annette Rondano, the City of Lakes’ Citizen Citizens Environmental Council (CEAC) appointed (volunteered) liaison to the process, “…………Ross Abbey, CEAC chair, took this request seriously and assigned me the task of helping Kurt [Kimber] and other Transition Community members to pull together a formal proposal. That proposal took many months, including visits with several City Council members (who all signed on [as] believing that studying the issue was a good idea) and was presented last fall to Ross. Ross decided that a Technical Working Group would be the best method for getting this job done in a way that would be taken seriously by the full City Council has taken up the serious suggestion for such a city plan. Under the jurisdiction of the Air & Climate sub-committee, a Technical Working Group is being coalesced around Energy transition Plan

In lieu of the A & C sub-committee’s formal approval of the process and the Technical Working Group (TWG) members, “….The ETP-TWG will be a working group overseen by the Air and Climate Subcommittee of CEAC. We will report to the A&C regularly with minutes, and periodically with presentations. The members of that subcommittee may sit in on our meetings from time to time”.

The Renewables Research and Policy Institute – RRPI [as of present] has been requested to present membership on the ETP-TWG. ‘Bunmi Odumuye, considering participation as an initial technical member of the CEUE and ICLEI study as well as current RRPI leadership,is RRPI consideration as its representative

*ICLEI – Local Governments for Sustainability is an association of over 1220 local government Members who are committed to sustainable development. Our Members come from 70 different countries and represent more than 569,885,000 people.