Chicagoland Greenforce Initiative Meeting: HOT!

Fri 5/27/11
Regionally, urban agriculture leadership entities will join the IATP and Ladonna Redmond at the Breakfast Table in the 3rd of a series of national discussions with global impacts.

Speaking of ‘Chicago Don’t Play’, the two hottest topics at Chicago’s Green Force Initiative summit were…(bell) green manufacturing and urban agriculture. The water-energy nexus is intimately twinned with both industries development. As long as the understanding that a community with food health issues is required to grow it’s own food then urban agriculture will intertwine with green manufacturing at the energy water nexus. The nexus will require an immense effort on the conservation and efficiency ends and can only be sustainably powered through renewable energy development (RRPI).

Join Ladonna R at the 1st National Food + Justice meeting 9/24 – 9/26, 2012 at the IATP mpls