What a wonderful opening presentation at the Metro CERT’s annual event held at the City of Minneapolis’ Hiawatha Public Works Building 1901 E. 26th Street Minneapolis on Wednesday the 18th of April, 2012

Wednesday, April 18, 2012 from 4:00 PM to 7:30 PM (CT) by the director of the Metropolitan Design Center of the University of Minnesota, Ignacio San Martin, Dayton Hudson Chair of Urban Design, despite the glum research news delivered (Minneapolis is not faring as well as anticipated as a world urban energy consumer carbon emitter/capita).

Other presentations were equally enthralling, with a great response for the Shakopee High School/ Shakopee Environmental Learning Center team inclusive of its supporting utility members. RRPI’s hope is an XCEL participation that rivals (or bests) this exemplary interface between the next generation and renewable energy/ smart grid application.

Also representing was the Minnesota Renewable Energy Society – MRES. Noteworthy of RRPI/MRES interaction is the RRPI (despite In-House capability) insistence on MRES’ renewable energy assessment for the North High School, Minneapolis’ AquaSol project. This goes along with previous renewable energy education/Solar Boat Regatta cooperation and a NHS – Polars Solar boat nicknamed, endearingly, “The CIA Boat” in reference to its sleekness and another sleek solar (Royalton High School’s) award winning boat nicknamed “The NASA Boat” due to NASA’s interest in that boat.
Both boats barring certain uncertainties should be presented at the 20th anniversary of the MRES Solar Boat Regatta this year

RRPI intends to call on such community support to alleviate northside community which will simultaneously preparethe northside and Minneapolis as a whole for the next set of challenges Climate Change will present. This efforts are represented in our present efforts at NHS and within the city and county in general.

We hope the continued success based on friends of RRPI and the environment will continue to grease our wheels sustainably.

Festina Lente!