Bloom Box

As reported on in a 60 minutes segment, Google, Ebay, FedEx etc; a group of large commercial users who comprise the Bloom Box’s “First Customers Say Energy Machine Works And Saves Money.” Basically, a miniaturized fuel cell. Four units have been powering a Google datacenter for 18 months. They use natural gas, but half as much as would be required for a traditional power plant.

Unlike A, Merkel and her cronies, the former US Secretary of State Colin Powell who joined Bloom’s board of directors last year said, “I have seen the technology and it works”

Bloom Energy’s K.R. Sridhar, holding up fuel cells that are key components of the so-called “Bloom box.” (CBS/60mins photo.)

April 13th ’11

“Over 20MW (200 Bloom Boxes) of 24/7 Electricity Service Secured; Customers Benefit from Immediate Cost Savings, Carbon Reduction, and Energy Security

Pasadena, CA – Bloom Energy® has made the commitment to provide the Bloom Electrons for a cost. Equipment cost of these fuel cells is of no consideration as the service and electricity…A revolution?