I muse; going forward, one might need to assess all new steps as an alchemist

The alchemists we supposedly usurped with the ‘Scientific Method’ do have the last laugh when we view present day science and alchemy as distinct entities. Realism though dictates a condition where the new method is a meshed matrix. This allows a trackback to the divisions that are now reasserting (never entirely dismissed). To wit, the Air, Earth (Land), Water and Fire (Energy) subgroups of which there was once a dearth now supersede in our assessments for environmental sustainability. Almost every scientific sustainability study and/or planning methodology or full Eco system assessment must use these in order to access information that is extensive in properties within all integrative matrices that are life systems.

It is here understood that accessing detailed information is often predicated on a time and resource limited focus that requires research of decimated portions of these systems. (might be that the original methodology dictated an integration of said parcels into a cohesive, full spectral final assessment). Might be the case that ultimate re integration was; a consistent digression into methods that focus on results independent of the full impacts as determined by integrated methods, have been extensively and consistently utilised for justification of new and bold steps (forays) i.e. Endless Fossil fuel systems and negligence of their environmental impacts, Non IPM (Integrated Pest Management) utility and Ag methods. Although instantaneous increases yield metrics are sought and somewhat achieved the obvious non sustainable losses are exactly that..non sustainable losses.

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