Japan anti nuclear
To a good friend in Japan: Go Kenzaburo Oe…de-nuclearize the island…. — Renewable’s Research (@rrpinstitute) June 3, 2013 http://acsee.iafor.org/

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Renewables Research & Policy Institute A Strategic Integrated Streamlined Plan; Production of Food & Energy [THE HOUSE; SUSTAINABILITY PROJECT PLANNING] December 25, 2011 Strategic management and resource conservation are the most important approaches to all sustainability engineering. Such project, as is describe herein, requires a keen expert combination of able […]

Farmers market with Mark Muller IATP
RRPI FACEBOOK RRPI TWITTER SPEUDE BRADEOS The labor fruits (Renewables Research & Policy Institute(RRPI)/North High School/Hennepin county/MN state on inspection (prior to purchase) by Mr. Mark Mueller of the Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy (IATP) The Community Table Association and Mid-Town Global Market’s Farmers Market located at the Midtown […]


3 yr, post Hydroponic, post Aquaponic mother
The following are pictures of the miniature (model) NHS central courtyard (one full scale planter for comparison)and its plant elements.RRPI took a Fall/Early Summer project office due to space considerations for the modeling. The model was built in the backyard spaceThis pepper initiated its life in the NHS hydroponics lab. […]

North High School; Aquasol (Courtyard: Model and Full)

THE COMMITTEE ON ENERGY AND COMMERCE INTERNAL MEMORANDUM July 6, 2012 TO: Members, Subcommittee on Energy and Power FROM: Subcommittee on Energy and Power Staff RE: Hearing on “The American Energy Initiative” On Tuesday, July 10, 2012, at 10:00 a.m. in room 2322 of the Rayburn House Office Building, the […]


Environmental Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics (e-STEM) education within the Renewables Research & Policy Institute’s Simulated Eco Systems (SES). Combining aquaculture, engineering and hydroponics (aquiculture) in a self-perpetuating simulation of our natural environment

High School; Environmental, Experiential Learning Model

In addition to aquatic assortments e.g. Ghost shrimp, the Aquasol fish of choice are Koi, Comets (for cold or hot fluid media) and Giant Danios. Future programming years may contain animals for consumption. Presently, in contrast to our commercial aquatic and eco simulation projects/products, RRPI issues of control and insured […]


Food Fustice National Conference
With issue of policy and sustainability our main focus, RRPI along with local, national justice and equity organizations many involved in the planning will join IATP for the Food Justice National conference to be held in Minneapolis September 24 -26th 2012 from 8:30 am – 4:00 pm daily at the […]

Food & Justice National Conference

The Great Lakes version of a E_W report (phase 1) provides guidance on water energy production, management issues as well as potential changes in environmental impacts of different future energy scenarios. The close to 2 year effort by the Great Lakes Commission was funded partly by the Great Lakes Protection […]

Found! GLEW. Great Lakes Energy-Water Nexus!

The Aquasol (water & renewable energy) program is the utilization of an RRPI designed Simulated Eco System (SES) laboratory for educational purposes. The program’s core is designed to educate in subjects ranging from the sciences – ecological-biology, water-chemistry, geography and geology concepts, physics of fluids etc., to elective subjects studies […]


In search of answers to “where the hell is that Roadmap Report?” questions to the Sandia Lab team, in search of the reasons for the 22 requested re-writes of the fore-stalled E-W nexus process for the National Energy-Water Roadmap initiated in 2005, as requested in Congressional appropriations in FY 2005. […]

Where again’s the nexus (energy-water) road map gone?

The Renewables Research & Policy Institute at the request of students will resume Capoiera training for free in the Summer after school programming. CAPOIERA ARTS…..The harder side of RRPI. We are projecting a mural with the Summer programming phase of our Minneapolis Public Schools partnership FESTINA LENTE!

Em Minneapolis, Minnesota

What a wonderful opening presentation at the Metro CERT’s annual event held at the City of Minneapolis’ Hiawatha Public Works Building 1901 E. 26th Street Minneapolis on Wednesday the 18th of April, 2012 Wednesday, April 18, 2012 from 4:00 PM to 7:30 PM (CT) by the director of the Metropolitan […]


A Minneapolis Energy (Descent) Transition Plan? ………..on the heels of the Global Forum on Sustainable Development held 10-11 April in Jeju, South Korea and the opening address of the ICLEI Korea Office Director Chin Dae-Shik in which he stated that “now is the very opportune time for the humanity to […]

Global Forum on Sustainable Development

The Community Tables Spring Board of Directors meeting will commence this evening at Brackett Park, Minneapolis tonight, Wednesday April 4th. Seed ordering for for CTC farmers is currently available. Community Table will be joined by RRPI and Northside kids (through the summer horticultural program at the Mid-Town Global Markert (MGM)Indoor […]

Community Table Cooperative (CTC)

On the heels of a 2011 succesful project driven business year, the Renewables Research and Policy Institute – RRPI present projects are: Simulated Eco-Systems (SES) projects & products (R&D); Commercial SES with the Mr. fernando Silva, a minneapolis and Brazillian prominent chef with same-day produce cooking projections and the Community […]

1st Fiscal Quarter 2012

Agricultural industrialization and manufacturing have long been the focus of conservation methodologies for water and energy albeit from from differing approaches. Global population estimates predict 10 million of us will be in the crux of the grand nexus of energy-food-water-climate by the year 2050 (Foodie and Everyman‘s article though insightful […]

Energy-Water Nexus II